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If you're interested in buying a horse from us, please take a moment to read our Terms and Conditions of Sale.

All of our horses are sold sound and free from vices unless otherwise stated. 

  1. All horses are open to a vet of the purchaser’s choice. If the purchaser does not know a local vet Friesians Scotland are able to recommend good independent horse vets on request. We strongly recommend that the purchaser use a horse vet who has experience with the Friesian breed.  

  1. A 10% deposit secures, with balance payable on completion of vetting for full transfer of ownership. 

  1. Horses should be vetted within 5 days of agreement of sale. If the vetting has not been undertaken within 10 days then the contract is deemed cancelled by the purchaser, and the deposit is then forfeit unless this time has been extended at the discretion of the seller. 

  2. In the event that the Horse should fail the veterinary examination    then the deposit is fully refundable. 

  3. If the purchaser should change their mind about proceeding with the purchase then the deposit is forfeit. 

  4. Following the successful vetting of the Horse then the purchase price balance is due within 36 hours, or else the contract is deemed cancelled by the purchaser and the deposit is forfeit. The seller then reserves the right to re-sell the horse.

  5. Payment can be made by direct bank transfer, cash or cheque. No horse may be removed from Friesians Scotland until payment has been received in full. The horse remains the property of Friesians Scotland until the final payment has been cleared.

  6. The Passport will not be released until the final payment has cleared. All passports must travel with horses during transport and so will be given to whoever is transporting the horse. 

  7. The point of transfer of liability from vendor to purchaser is at agreement of sale. The agreement of sale is taken as the deposit paid and satisfactory vetting completed.

  8. All vets fees, feet trimming, shoeing etc. will be recharged to the purchaser from agreement of sale. 

  9. Insurance is the responsibility of the purchaser and it is recommended that this be taken out immediately on the purchase of your new horse. 

  10. The horse must be collected within 7 days of agreement of sale. Friesians Scotland reserves the right to make a charge for livery for horses left for longer than this period.

  11. The seller strongly recommends the use of professional transport companies and can suggest several good companies.   

  12. If the terms detailed above would cause you any problems please contact us to discuss.  


Thanks, we'll be in touch soon!

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