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Friesians Scotland is the home of Friesian and Barock Pinto horses in the UK. Over the years, we have imported many wonderful horses from Holland and across Europe, as well as growing our own breeding programme to promote and increase access to these wonderful breeds in the UK. 

Meet the team

Friesians Scotland is owned and run by me, Janine O’Connor. I’ve been around horses all my life, thanks to my mum, Kay. Having had many of her own Friesian horses over the years, she now helps me take care of our growing herd of stallions, broodmares, foals and competition horses.

Janine and Ragnar.jpeg


I fell in love with the Friesian breed when I bought my first Friesian stallion, Oscar, but my journey with horses began long before then. When it was time to turn my passion for horses into my career, I sought out as much variety in my work as possible. This included everything from rehabilitating abused horses to training eventers and racehorses. I did this to develop an in-depth understanding of as many different training methods as I could, learning about different schools of thought and approaches to horse care as I went. I learned from people whose training methods were at entirely opposite ends of the spectrum – from a holistically run rehabilitation yard to a racehorse training facility where horses were broken to ride as yearlings and stabled for 6.5 days a week. These helped me to develop my own ethos: Every horse is different, what works for one can have the opposite effect on another, and it’s my job to understand and deliver what each horse needs. 


In all my years of riding and training many different breeds, I have found no other to be as willing to please, as fun to work with and as breathtaking to look at as the Friesian horse. For many years I’ve wanted to extend our breeding programme to Barock Pinto horses, a careful blend of the Friesian and coloured Warmblood horse, and I have found them to share the same wonderful temperament and grace as well as bringing their striking colour to the table.

While their beauty will undoubtedly draw you in, it is the Friesian temperament that really wins so many people over. It’s just amazing to me that a horse so big and powerful can be so gentle towards people and actively seek human attention.

Image: Mo Gray

Before I decided to focus solely on breeding and competing, I opened the doors of Friesians Scotland and had hundreds of visitors join us for their own Friesian Experience. Our visitors came from all over the world, several from as far as Australia, to live out their dream of riding a Friesian horse across the beautiful Perthshire countryside. But whether they came to fulfil a lifelong dream, explore our scenery or simply accompany a friend, I can honestly say that everyone went home a little more in awe of this wonderful breed than they were before. There’s simply nothing like a Friesian.

While we no longer offer Friesian Experience packages, we do welcome visitors to join us when we hold special events, like the UK Friesian Horse Show and the UK Barock Pinto Inspections held here on the farm. Keep an eye on our News & Events page for details!


Oscar was my first Friesian stallion and the reason I fell in love with this wonderful breed. If you follow our Facebook page, you will undoubtedly know him well. Before buying him I had only admired Friesians for their outstanding beauty and movement to match. Over the years, he sired many wonderful horses and was admired wherever he went – from endurance rides and dressage to Friesian Experience rides and photoshoots.

Image: Wullie Rodger

I have kept many of Oscar's descendants, pictured below is his son, Gladiator, one of the best horses I have trained for dressage.

Today, we have both purebred Friesian stallions and approved Barock Pinto stallions at Friesians Scotland, along with several amazing Ster and Elite mares. In 2021, my stallion Julius BP78 became the first Barock Pinto Stallion to become approved in the UK. From an impressive lineage of dressage stars, Julius is also homozygous which means he is guaranteed to produce coloured foals.

Julius BP by Image: Zoe Halkett 

We aim to always have a selection of quality Friesian and Barock Pinto horses for sale, from youngsters to well-established riding and driving horses, dressage horses, happy hackers and family friends. I have a personal interest in dressage and so train my horses with this discipline in mind. If you have any questions about buying a Friesian or Barock Pinto in the UK, please get in touch and I’ll be happy to help.

Sigrit and Baby.jpeg

Image: Mo Gray

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