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*Open Day* UK Barock Pinto Inspections 2023

Last year, we had a brilliant day holding the UK's first Barock Pinto Inspections here at Friesians Scotland. Horses of all ages and their owners joining us from Scotland, England and Wales travelled to Perthshire to have their horses graded by the judges, Gerrit and Simon, who joined us from the Barock Pinto Studbook in Holland for the weekend. It was a fun, relaxed day for entrants and spectators, so we're delighted to be holding the event again on Saturday 15th July 2023.

Spectators are welcome and we'd love to see you there! There will be refreshments available on the day. If you've been asking us about Open Days or waiting for your chance to visit the farm, this is it!

2022 Champion 'Morrighan Friesians Scotland' with 1st premium and 48.5 points, with her ster mother Faith Brilijant, my helper Laura Davie, Studbook Chairman Rinze van Teijen and judges Simon Hoeksma and Gerrit Stelwagen.

When are the UK Barock Pinto Gradings?

15th July 2023

Where are the gradings/inspections being held?

Friesians Scotland, Peattie farm, Coupar Angus, Perthshire, PH139LH. If you forget the address, just search 'Friesians Scotland' and follow the directions on Google Maps.

Our young homozygous tobiano JULIUS BP78 became the first Barock Pinto stallion to be approved while living in the UK Dam is an elite mare Salza A Hoejbjerg (by Big Ben A Kila) and sire is Edwin BP35 (son of Alexander BP13).

What happens on the day?

The first stage will start at 9.30am, when the judges will start taking DNA samples from each horse entered and measure all the adult horses of 3 years and above. They will then watch the adult horses walk and trot on the hard standing. Depending on the entries, this usually takes about an hour. After that, grading begins in the main arena starting with the foals.

Stunning Yente, owned by Gaynor and Ian, received provisional Elite with 45.5 points. Presented here in the trot up stage with her handler Greg. Image: Dunsmore Photography

Beautiful Gerlanda was awarded provisional Elite and her colt foal Maverick (by Constantijn BP18) received a 1st premium with 47 points. Image: Dunsmore Photography

Is there a ridden stage to the gradings?

Yes, horses of 4 years and above can also enter the IBOP. This is a ridden or driven performance test used to assess the horse's natural aptitude and suitability for sport (dressage). Similar to a basic dressage test, the IBOP gives the rider a chance to show the horse's movement, balance and expression in all three paces.

It was an emotional day for everyone involved with 25 year old BP mare, Lady Di, owned by Ruth White, who presented for grading and IBOP and was awarded 1st premium. Image: Dunsmore Photography

I want to have my horse graded, where do I start?

If you're interested in bringing your horse along, join our Barock Pinto Grading 2023 Facebook group where we'll be posting all the information you need and answering any questions you have. Stables will be available to hire from Friday - Sunday.

Horses must be registered with the Barock Pinto Studbook to be eligible for grading and their owners must be a member. The studbook website has everything you need to register a horse and join the Barock Pinto Studbook.

The stunning ‘Duchess’, with her owner Dyane, was awarded provisional Elite with a fantastic score of 45.5. Image: Mo Gray

Will there be catering facilities and parking on site?

Yes, like last year there will be catering available on the day and parking for owners and spectators.

Lady Di taking a breather for lunch with her owner, rider and our judges who awarded her 1st premium at 25 years old!

For more updates leading up to the event, please keep an eye on our Friesians Scotland Facebook page.

Owners! Remember, if you're interested in having your horse graded or just want to find out more, you can join our UK Barock Pinto Grading 2023 Facebook group.

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