Turriff show 31st July 2011

Date posted: 5th August 2011

This was our second time up at Turriff show and of course the reason for me going was to support the Friesian class. The class is potential ride and drive, Friesians only. There were ten entries this year and two of those were my boys.

Oscar was my partner in the show ring and did very well but was marked down to second place. The judge was predominantly looking for manners and Oscar did a few steps of canter while doing our trot up.

My step dad put on his show attire for a second time (as he did for Turriff last year) to show my big four year old gelding who is a stunning horse and one of the best looking Friesian geldings that I have seen. I was extremely disappointed that he was only awarded 5th place as he behaved beautifully and what should be a priority in a Friesian only class, he has a lot of mane and his movement is exceptional as is a big forward going, high stepping and extending movement. After studying the videos, he gave the most impressive trot up in the class.

The judge had said to one of the competitors in the class that she didnt know why she was judging this class as was not her area. I am not sure which breeds she normally judges but it was apparent that she was not well informed about the breed, which is a real shame and a bitter disappointment to a number of the competitors in the class who are clued up on Friesian attributes.

I am trying not to rant and complain but I was so looking forward to this class as in a Friesian only class you hope to be able to really show the horses off, meaning that in this class we should be able to get the horses trotting fast around the arena to show the movement at its best. The judge in this class should be looking for high steppers, big extension, long flowing manes and the huge presence which sets this breed apart from others. There were some real stunners in that class who had the whole package but werent really rated which is such a great pity. I do understand that the shows would be hard pushed to find a judge who has knowledge on the breed but a little research and anyone can see what makes a Friesian so special.

1st place was one very well behaved Friesian gelding, whos real name I am not sure of but catalogue name is Midnight Black Diamond.
2nd place Oscar 314
3rd place Raege (formerly of Friesians Scotland)
4th place Elbrich who is also formerly of Friesians Scotland
and in 5th was my big four year old gelding, the rest of the order I am unsure of.

I was impressed with the standard of horses in the ring and not one was a poor example of the breed. A three year old stallion really caught my eye, although he was a little over excited in the show ring and I am presuming that would be why he was not placed. Had this been a proper Friesian Keuring, this particular stallion I am sure would have been highly graded but in a normal U.K showing show where judges prefer us to drag lifeless horses around looking like drugged donkeys, a real beauty of a horse such as that three year old stallion will receive no credit which is a bit sad as he could not be faulted on movement or conformation. I love to watch stallions strutting around the show ring even if they are on their toes. Great to see all of the Friesians lined up together and a good turnout for the class!
Well done to all who took part!

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