Turriff show 2010

Date posted: 9th August 2010

Turriff show 2010

I discovered very last minute that Turriff show now has a potential ride and drive class purely for Friesian horses. As this is the only one in Scotland that I know of I decided we should make the effort and take 3 Friesians up to the show.

We took Oscar 314 who is my main stallion, Tjipke my favourite gelding (who really should have been sold last year but I cant bring myself to sell!) and Sterre who is a ster graded 5 year old mare (advertised for sale at the moment).

I had lost my enthusiasm for showing of late but because this was a Friesian only class it did make the whole event quite exciting, apart from having to get out of bed at 4 am to be at Tuffiff and ready to start the class at 8.30am! That was not my idea of fun at all and I am sure the horses were a little confused being woken up and loaded on to a lorry at this hour but all three travel well which makes for a stress free journey.

Oscar behaved really well and was placed 2nd, Sterre was also very good and she was being handled by my step dad who was completely new to showing and they were placed 3rd which was great as the only horses placed higher were two stallions, Sterre really is a very good example of the breed and from what I have seen mares with such movement and conformation are few and far between. Tjipke was a disappointing 5th.

I let my self down at this show purely due to wearing the wrong type of clothing, I normally wear trousers and my usual show jacket but this time decided it might be nice to make a bit more effort and so wore a skirt suit with hat etc which was just too restricting for being in a Friesian class where the judges are looking for high knee action which can only be achieved by really getting the horse moving quickly. Oscars behaviour was very good and he trotted out nicely but it was not as impressive as he can be and that was my fault. The judge took such a long time to choose between Oscar and the other stallion for first place and then eventually gave it to the other horse and he told me that there was nothing between these two horses so was difficult to pick a winner. The winning stallion is a nice horse with good conformation and movement, I believe he is related to Oscar so are rather similar but I have to admit that the handler did show the horse very well, moving correctly, standing correctly etc. I just wish that I could have shown Oscar off as well on the day.

As for Tjipke I think that he has just become so used to me handling him that he was a little unsure of his male handler, Tjipke has become my horse through and through and we have a very good bond. Although he did not misbehave it was clear that he did not want to be with his handler and he does prefer women to men so his trot was also not as fast or anywhere near as impressive as it usually is. He is an extremely elegant boy and really lifts his legs up but unfortunately not on this occasion.

It was a good experience all the same and will certainly make me more determined to do better next year (and dress appropriately!). I have a new found respect for all ladies who do get dressed up in fancy suits while showing horses but it certanly is not for me or atleast not when I have to run fast. The field was flat and the ring was a good size which makes such a big difference when showing horses, especially when trying to show off high steppers. Excellent to be in a class with other Friesians.

On that note; The Scottish grass sickness show will be on again next year in Blairgowrie and for 2011 they have kindly agreed to put on one in hand class for Friesians only and one ridden class for Friesians only which I am looking forward to as there seems to be little point in competing in mixed breed classes, it is not easy to judge a lot of different breeds in the same class nor very fair.

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