SERC – Tentsmuir 20/03/11

Date posted: 22nd March 2011

Scottish Endurance Riding Club Tentsmuir 20th March 2011

Last sunday was our first pleasure ride of 2011, we had entered a few others this year but the weather put a stop to those rides unfortunately.

This time the ride was 17K, we did miss the beach section but enjoyed the forest tracks and the weather was good which made it a really good day.

We took four horses along and they all enjoyed the change of scenery and behaved very well. I was riding Oscar 314 who led his mares along at a good speed, although he would have preferred to be going faster! For pleasure rides there is a minimum and maximum speed to complete the ride and we made it slightly below the maximum speed. Riding Wilke, my 12 year old mare was Roland (Perth Equine Transport). Riding Fein, my 10 year old mare was Mary who had been very nervous about coming with us because she had to get used to a new horse, possibility of cantering after not doing so for two years and the added worry of letting the rest of the group down. Fein is a very good horse and made the whole experience a good one for Mary, who admitted at the end of the ride that she was glad she had joined us and thoroughly enjoyed the event. Riding Joukje, our 8 year old mare was Karen who had spent a lot of time helping us to get the horses fit and in the process has improved her own riding a great deal. Karen was determined to get her first rosette and was delighted that managed to do so.

These rides really are good fun and I think they improve the confidence of the riders, as long as the horse enjoys his or her self and takes care of their rider! Being on a lazy horse on such a ride would not be at all fun. Thankfully all went well and a good day was had by all at Tentsmuir!

Robert kilpatrick was there to take some photos, some of which will be on my website and the rest can be seen on his own website www.robkil.co.uk

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