SERC- Tayside branch, Tentsmuir 2010

Date posted: 9th November 2010

Scottish Endurance Riding Club, Tayside branch Tentsmuir pleasure ride 07.11.10

Last sunday we took a team of four to the 23k pleasure ride at Tentsmuir. It was absolutely amazing! This is a ride which will stay in my memory for a long time, the route was fantastic as it was predominantly forest tracks which were soft under hoof and the part which I had been especially looking forward to was the beach section which did live up to my expectations.

The group to go this time were; Megan riding on our 6 year old gelding Othello, Roland riding my 6 year old mare named Madina, Lara rode Raege who is my 5 year old gelding and I took Oscar.

It was such a good group of horses and all thoroughly enjoyed the change of scenery. It was great to see the reactions on the beach, they were all quite unsure of the waves creeping up towards their hooves and kept skipping sideways as the water came closer to get them. I have been dreaming for years about riding Oscar along a beach and to finally get to do it was just amazing. We took the four horses for a gallop together along the sand and they all had ears pricked forward, keen to go and seemed to love the experience as much as the riders did. We were really lucky with the weather as well, there had been frost over night so still a chill in the air but was a lovely sunny day. The ride just could not have been any better.

23k seems such a long way but when on the ride and in a new place with horses who enjoy the outing, it doesnt seem far at all. The horses managed ever so well and could have carried on much further I am sure. Oscar would have liked to gallop the whole way around just to get a good look at all of the horses along the way and introduce himself to the ladies! I really love to take him along to the pleasure rides as it seems to be the thing which he enjoys doing above anything else. It is so great to see how much the horses enjoy this type of activity as I am sure a lot of the work horses have to do in every day life can become quite monotonous for them. This to me is exactly what horse riding is all about, having fun!

It was also good to see a few other Friesians taking part in the ride. If my lot are anything to go by, this breed are very well suited to pleasure rides and perfectly capable of doing the competitive endurance rides.

Robert Kilpatrik took some action snaps on the beach, some of his pictures are on my website now and many more on his own website www.robkil.co.uk

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