Date posted: 8th July 2011

Scottish Endurance Riding Club Broughton

Last Sunday (03.07.11) we loaded up three mares and Oscar and headed down to Broughton for a 20k ride. I have to admit that when faced with sitting in a lorry for a 2.5 hour journey, I did question if it was worth travelling the distance.
I took my boy Oscar. My mum took her mare Silke. Erin rode Annie and Kirsty rode Romy. Oscar and Silke are well used to pleasure rides and both enjoy it. It was first time for big Annie and for Romy, both mares were very good through out.

The ride it’s self was absolutely perfect and to my mind was a true test for horse and rider as we rode a short way on roads, through forest tracks, fields, over moors and bridges and streams, we rode up steep hills and equally steep downhill at parts, along narrow paths etc. I think this is what endurance is all about.
I was impressed with every one of our horses as it was pretty hard going at times, especially as it was so hot and very little wind on most of the ride. Not one of the horses put a foot wrong or was reluctant along the way. The only problem that we had on the ride were people who were spatially unaware, we had some who rode so close to our lot that they were touching and walking into one of our horses, one of which was close to getting her horse kicked because of it, another lady who squeezed passed on a narrow footpath and then another lady who was completely oblivious that she stopped her gelding right in front of a stallion several times. It was quite astonishing!
We have one rider who seems to have issues with trees and is not spatially aware of them! On the last ride she rode into one with her leg, snapped her safety stirrup and demolished the poor sapling. This time she was almost swept from her horse by not one, but two branches which came at her as she was searching her mare for cleggs. Hopefully Erin will avoid trees on the next outing!

Even though Erin had been beaten up by trees, she still enjoyed the ride as all of us did. When we reached the highest points up on the moors, we walked along the path taking in the beautiful scenery. It was so calm and tranquil, it certainly distracted me from my ever worsening sunburn!

This has been my favourite ride ever. It was so well organised from start to finish, everyone was ever so friendly and helpful. Our horses were very grateful for the water provided along the way for them to drink and have sloshed over them. Although Oscar loves his pleasure rides and would happily go all day, he really doesn’t cope too well with strong heat so thank you to the helpers as was very much appreciated.

It was a very well thought out route over varied terrain and no chance for horse or rider to become bored at all. The 2.5 hour journey there and back was most definitely well worth it. What a fantastic ride this was!

Robert Kilpatrik took some very good pictures through out the day, all of which can be viewed at www.robkil.co.uk
The picture with this article is of Oscar showing off at the trot up for the vet.

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