Scottish Grass Sickness Show 2012

Date posted: 5th June 2012

Scottish grass sickness show 2012


This year we entered two mares into the in hand Friesian class. Sigrit (7 year old mare) was very well behaved and she was placed 2nd, my 9 year old mare started off well but then didn’t see the point in trotting up for the individual inspection from the judge which was such a shame as she has beautiful movement, she was placed 3rd. The winner of this class was a stunning big gelding with a lot of presence, he truly deserved his high placing so well done to him and his owner Audrey Anderson!


In the ridden class (pure and partbred Friesian) Sigrit was again very well behaved, her and rider Gemma were 3rd. I took Oscar into this class and he was exceptionally well behaved for me but the judge didn’t get on too well riding him, we had a very disappointing 4th place.


The numbers were not great in the Friesian classes this year which is a shame, if they are not supported then organisers can’t justify keeping them running. There were lots of new classes at the show this year and these looked to be well turned out. Hopefully it was a successful show and there has been a lot of money raised for the grass sickness fund.

Many of us have had or known of horses who have sadly passed away or been very ill due to grass sickness and anyone who has been unfortunate enough to witness first hand the awful effects this has on horses and the feeling of being so helpless in trying to nurse a horse through it will also know that there is still so little known regarding cause, prevention and cure. It is incredibly frustrating not knowing how to help your seriously ill horse and devastating to loose them in what seems to be such a cruel and painful death. The only way to help other horses and owners get through it is if more research is done. I would like to say thank you to Jean Oudney for going to the effort of organising this show and thus raising money for much needed research in to grass sickness, even if you don’t have a horse to enter into these shows I believe donations are always welcome!



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