Scottish Grass Sickness Show 2011

Date posted: 10th June 2011

Scottish Grass Sickness Show 2011, Blairgowrie.

To my knowledge this was the first show in Scotland to have both an in hand and a ridden class specifically for Pure and part bred Friesian horses, it was so good to be in a class especially for the breed.
I was really pleased with the in hand class as horses and handlers all did really well.
1st place was Oscar whom I was with,
2nd place was Annie who is our 11 year old mare, shown by Erin,
3rd was Ramkje our 6 year old mare, shown by Gemma,
4th Sigrit who is my mothers mare and shown by my mum.

This was the first time Erin, Gemma and my mum had done any showing so were all very pleased with the results. It was also great to see in 5th place a former Friesians Scotland resident, Madina with her owner Mhiari. 6th place was another former Friesians Scotland mare and one of my own personal favourite horses, Elle with her owner Edward. It was nice that the part bred Friesians were brought forward and judged separately as it would be very difficult to judge them against the pure Friesians.

In the ridden class;
1st were Oscar and I,
2nd Helen Sinclair and I believe her gelding is Odin,
3rd Madina and Mhairi,
4th Elle and Edward,
5th Ramkje and Gemma,
6th Sigrit and Erin

Unfortunately my memory does not go any further but I think I have everyone in the correct place down to 6th.

I have to say thank you to Jean Oudney for taking a risk and putting on classes for a breed which is still rare in the U.K. Also was nice to see that Friesian and partbred Friesian owners made the effort and took part, thus making the classes a success. I hope the Friesian classes will continue for next year and perhaps more Friesians will be there to compete. Hopefully lots of money was raised for the Grass sickness fund which is of course the reason that this show was created.

Photos were taken by Robert Kilpatrik

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