Date posted: 10th May 2010

I have been asked by so many people now if I can tell their stories of being or having been close to trying to buy a Friesian and it turns out to be a scam or they buy a horse who has not been entirely as it should be. I can not go into detail of everyone who has been scammed but I can give a little advice of what to look out for when buying a Friesian horse.

Friesians have been the focus of a lot of the scammers due to the fact that Friesians are not easy to find and are mostly rather expensive so people desperate for their Friesian dream horse are something of an easy target.

In my experience Friesian horses are only ever cheap when they have a problem eg mental or physical.

If the seller is looking for a quick sale and you have doubts about the horse make sure you have the horse vetted and do not be rushed into handing money over to secure the sale. It is better to know that the horse is fully fit and well than to be potentially stuck with an unrideable horse with major problems and indeed could cost thousands of pounds in vets fees!

Think carefully before handing any money over and especially not before seeing the horse in the flesh as the pretty looking horse which you have been sent pictures of may belong to someone in America and not the person who you think you have been making arrangements with in London.

Research the breed and know what you should be looking for regarding conformation, movement and nature etc.

Adoption seems to be a favourite with the scammers at the moment which generally involves you supposedly being allowed to adopt a horse free of charge and all that you have to do is pay for the transport from America, the money should be paid upfront of course and perhaps to be sent to a relative in south africa. The transport could be thousands of pounds and in many cases exceeding the total cost of viewing, buying and transporting a real horse to you in Britain. Most of these adoption cases come with a colourful and heart breaking story, I have heard many now. One lady phoned me having been dangerously close to sending money to a man in order to adopt his friesian, he had given her a story about how the horse had belonged to his daughter who had just died in a horrific car accident and he could not bear to keep the horse as it was a constant reminder of his deceased daughter. The poor lady had been brought to tears with the story but thankfully she had remembered something I wrote about scams a while back which set alarm bells off before she sent any money.

Also if you are selling a horse they have scams for getting money out of you too. Another common one is that they would like to buy your horse and send you a cheque for him or her, they have added on an extra few thousand for you to cash and give to their transporter who will be collecting the horse when the cheque has cleared, the horse will then be taken to spain or an other country. This all sounds fine and the cheque will clear into your bank account, you pay the transporter in cash (the extra few thousand already sent from the buyer) and your horse is taken away. The big problem is that a few days later the bank realises that the cheque was fraudulent and takes the full amount back out of your account, leaving you with no money, no horse and you have paid the transporter out of your own money! It is quite amazing and pretty scary with it.

The best advice really is to try to get to know who you are buying from or selling to. Always be cautious about handing out your personal details or handing over money and if it seems to good to be true then it probably is, perfect horses come at a price.

Many of my pictures have been and are likely still being used in scams, if you see pictures of my horses advertised by someone else then it is a scam. My horses are never sold through agents and are always sold by me directly.

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