Results of the ‘First Friesian Show’ 2012, classes 1-3

Date posted: 8th July 2012

Results will be 1st to 3rd and in the large classes 1st to 6th.

Class 1 – In hand Gelding sponsored by ‘Parkside veterinary practice’ www.parksidevets.com

1st – Paul Morris with Durk,

2nd- Grant Cuthell with Sietse,

3rd Erin Laing with Beant


The mares  had to be split into two classes due to high entries.

Class 2 A – In hand Mares  sponsored by ‘Burrelton park Inn’ www.burreltonpark.co.uk

1st- Gemma Barnes with Matilda

2nd- Liz Viech and Richtsje V

3rd- Kay Shaw and Sigrit

4th- Erin Laing with  Jolien

5th- Dr Julia Neuzeind with Pronkje

6th-  Bethany Martain and Menka

Class 2 B – In hand Mares

1st-  Caroline Bilinski and Silke

2nd-  Emily Mellor and Anniston Faye

3rd –  Rhona Montgomery with Mariet

4th-  Mark Johnstone with Vitara

5th-  Suzannah Hutchinson with Unique

6th-  Mhairi Wilson with Madina V


Class 3- In hand Stallions  sponsored by ‘Gail and Andy Napier’

1st-  Nicola Ogg with Gladiator

2nd-  Paul Morris with Golieth

3rd- Kathleen Smith’s Foppe Fan’t Kleaster




Classes 1-3 Judged by Mrs Helma Willink Volkers

Photos curtousy of Robert Kilpatrik -www.robkil.co.uk

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