Results of 2013 Friesian horse show classes 1-6

Date posted: 28th July 2013

IN HAND MARES – Sponsored by Strathtay potato company

1st. Liz Vietch – Richtsje

2nd. Nakita O’Hare – Emma H

3rd. Kirsty Moore – Wypkje L

4th. Shona Kennedy – Mountains Almira

5th. Emily Mellor – Mariet fan Bommelstyn

6th. Carrie Ross – Vixon 372

In hand mares



CLASS 2/3 – IN HAND GELDINGS & STALLIONS – Sponsored by Parkside veterinary group

1st. Sandi Elliot – Wardy 636

2nd. Doreen Colledge – Romeo

3rd.  Janet Ireland – Wiek van Raepshille

4th.  Suzanne Al Gaayar – Tieman

5th.  Kathleen Smith – Foppe fan’t Kleaster

6th. Carol Legge – Thunder van Gowozate

In hand geldings/stallions



CLASS 4 – IN HAND YOUNGSTERS – Sponsored by Jumpcross

1st.  Michelle Nugent – Goliath 06

2nd. Lorna Flemming – Hera 08

3rd. Suzanne Al Gaayar – Gladiator 07

4th. Laura Douglas – Josse

In hand youngsters





1st. Emily Mellor- Mariet

2nd.  Doreen Colledge – Romeo

3rd.  Shona Kennedy – Mountains Almira

4th.  Mark Johnston – Vitara von M

5th.  Nicola Ogg – Afke

6th.  Liz Vietch – Richtsje

Formerly of friesians scotland



CLASS 6 – BEST MANE AND TAIL – Sponsored by F.E.P Heatcare

1st. Kathleen Smith – Foppe fan’t Kleaster

2nd. Shona Kennedy – Mountains Almira

3rd. Helen Christie – Leut

4th. Helen Sinclair – Gjerrijt

5th. Charley Dee King – Rainko

6th. Sandi Elliot Wardy 636

Best mane and tail



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