Off The Beaten Track Rides

Date posted: 23rd September 2013

“Off The Beaten Track Rides” is a fantastic little place in Carlisle, Cumbria where you can take your own horse on holiday with you. This weekend a group of six of us took our Friesians there and we had the most amazing weekend! I took my little mare, Cornelia and were joined by six former residents of Friesians Scotland along with their owners.

I was expecting it to all be a bit mundane but it was far from it, in fact there really was never a dull moment from the moment that we arrived. We were all made to feel so welcome, were fed what seemed to be a never ending supply of beautiful home cooked and baked food. Some of the tracks through the forests are just so beautiful and grassy enough to let you ride at whatever speed you wish. We had some lovely canters through the forest as well as a bit of galloping and some plodding along when we felt the need to take in the scenery. The highlight of the entire trip for me was being able to go in to a river which is deep enough in one small part to be able to get a little bit of a swim with your horse. Our horses all really loved their trip, they had their little ears pricked forwards all of the time while out on our adventures and were all keen to explore the countryside.

I have come back from this holiday with an even stronger bond with my horse and more of an appreciation of what she is capable of! Cornelia is a mare who generally tries to avoid puddles or even just dark patches on the ground but the last few days she has been through so much water (and even swam) that she no longer cares, in fact she loved splashing in the river! I would highly recommend a trip to this wonderful place, I will most definitely be returning one day and looking forward to more mini adventures in Cumbria!

Big thank you to all at “Off The Beaten Track Rides” for  giving us some amazing memories!

Anyone interested in going it is http://offthebeatentrackrides.com/html/welcome.html

4 in the river

Corneli and Afke

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