Nakita and Emma

Date posted: 27th July 2012

This is a nice little story about Emma who is a three year old Friesian. I used to own Emma’s mum and sold her while¬†in foal (carrying Emma). Emma came back to me at around 7 months old so that we could wean her and then bring her mum back into work for her owner. Emma was then sold a few months later to Nakita, a few years on and Emma returned to be backed and trained. She was a little star thoughout her training and it is lovely to hear how she is getting on since returning home.


“Really I just can’t thank you enough for the work you done with Emma. As I now have a fantastic little riding horse who is everything I imagined she would be to ride! Having had her from 10 months the thought of actually riding her was quite daunting but you made it all so easy for me and to go from visiting Emma those few years ago and hacking her mother Sarina with you to riding my own girl around your wonderful hacking was an amazing experience I wouldn’t change for the world! Since I got Emma home, she hasn’t put hoof wrong. I’ve hacked her out in all different settings and even alone & I can’t fault her and she is even behaving herself in the school. I also took her out in the trailer to another yard for a ride there and you’d think she’d done it a million times before! I could go on & on about how good she is as every day she genuinely amazes me at the new challenges she takes in her stride. The Friesian breed is an amazing one, to be only 3 & backed a matter of months she is so confident & eager to please and she just loves to get out and about with me! The two years of ups & downs with the little diva has been made all worth while & I’d do it all over again … Only for a friesian though Lol.
Hope you, your mum and all the black beauties are well! Will see you next year when Emma & I will be visiting yet again and hopefully leaving with a Frieisans Scotland rossette.
Nakita¬† x”


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