Mark and Vitaras dressage to music

Date posted: 11th April 2009

Friesians Scotland always try our very best to find the perfect horse for each of our clients. we appreciate updates of how horse and rider are getting on and were delighted to receive an update from Mark, who recently took part in his first dressage competition with a friesian mare named Vitara bought from us in 2008.

“Vitara went like a dream and certainly strutted her stuff. we only decided that we would be in the novice class the week before as we werent sure whether her 20 metre cantered circle was repeatable it sometimes pushed out to a 30 metre oval! in the end we were first in class and first overall with a 66.6% score. Both myself and competition partner now seem to be bitten by the dressage bug and i certainly intend carrying on with it big nerves beforehand, but what a buzz! We performed to music by the red hot chilli pipers, whose bagpipe playing and beat suited the Friesians.
When the music started her ears pricked forward and she went for it following her performance she is now being referred to as lady V.”

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