Louise and Vronie

Date posted: 22nd November 2010

Louise first contacted me at the start of the year looking for a tall Friesian and had made the decision to part exchange the Friesian gelding who she already had as unfortunatly he just hadnt grown tall enough for her being only 15.1hh. It was such a difficult decision that she decided against it and was not ready to give Othello up at that point. Several months past and then Louise fell in love with my 16.1hh, 4 year old mare named Vronie who on paper would be ideal for Louise and so after becoming dangerously close to loosing out on Vronie to another person (Edward who took Elle) Louise asked me to hold Vronie for her until she could arrange with her partner John to come up with Othello and take Vronie home, which is exactly what happened. It was obviously bitter sweet as although it is exciting to take a new horse home, saying goodbye to Othello who is such a sweet little horse would be upsetting (he is the 6 year old gelding currently advertised on my for sale page).
I knew that any horse would be given a good home with Louise and John. I am delighted to learn that they have both formed such a good bond with Vronie and very importantly the horse who was matched to rider on paper has made the perfect match in reality also, which is lovely to hear!

“Hi Janine

I thought id send you some pictures and a couple of videos of Vronie, to let you know how shes getting on. The ground has been quite wet and slippy but we did our best to do a little video for you.

Vronie has really come out of her shell over the past few weeks and is quite a character. Ive been having dressage lessons so hopefully we will go for our first test after christmas. She really enjoys her schooling work and has showed us what she is capable of doing. She really can move when she wants to, today she was full of life and even threw a buck in with her canter.

We are so pleased with her even john loves her. She had seemed a little bit reluctant to ride out on her own so john got his push bike out and vronie followed him. when john went faster vronie trotted to catch him up. poor john at least hell be as fit as a fiddle. The stange thing is if hes in the car and drives off she trots after him. Even on his motorbike.

She has become quite attached to us and her stable. she loves to come in at night and really likes her home comforts. The other day i borrowed a friends cap and she took it of my head and dropped in on the floor. She must have known it wasnt mine. She often puts her muzzle on my cheek and just holds it there, its very sweet.

Vronie has so many wonderful qualitys we feel very lucky to have her. I am looking forward to taking her to the shows next season. We wouldnt have her if it wasnt for you, and we cant thank you enough.

I have looked at the pictures of othello he looks really well and happy. I do hope people look past his sarcoid as he is such a good horse in every other way.

I admire you for what you do, as your heart is in the right place,you always put the horses best interest first. There are not many people like you. I think you are definately the best friesian breeder around.

You never know john may take up riding again and well be back for a big horse for him. vronie has definately made a big impression on him.

Ill keep in touch

Kind Regards


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