Liz and Rikki

Date posted: 25th August 2009

Rikki is one of my favourite horses that I have had. To me she was just everything that I love about the Friesian breed, such a sweet natured mare, willing to work, eager to please and very good conformation. She is sired by one of my favourite stallions which is Nanning 374. Rikki truly is an absolute pleasure to be around and such a little angel. I am very pleased that her new owner can see in Rikki what I did!

” …This bond is something I have not experienced with any other horse and it is the most amazing and rewarding thing. I didnt know that such a thing was possible with a horse. She appears to just adore me, and would happily spend all day just being fussed over. It is almost as though she prefers my company to that of other horses.

Her ridden work is coming on extremely well. She is so straight forward. If I ask the right question, I get the right answer. Her willingness to please takes my breath away.
I keep expecting her to show some typical 4 year old behaviour but all Ive had is one tiny buck when she got excited going into canter!

I have taken her to my local riding club twice now and she has not put a foot wrong, behaving better than some older horses, so I entered her for her first dressage competition. It was yesterday and she did a lovely test, in spite of me being a bit tense, not having done a test for 2 years. We were placed 3rd out of 8 which I was delighted with. The judge said she has loads of presence. I dont have a picture to send you unfortunately . In the excitement I forgot to take one, but there will be other competitions and I promise I will send one.

Before I got Rikki, I knew nothing about Friesians, I only knew that they looked nice. Since getting her I have learned so much about the breed and I can understand your enthusiasm. I read with interest your report on your experience at Brechin castle with Oscar. I hope you will continue trying to get the breed taken more seriously by showing judges.

Best wishes


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