Lee and Vinnie

Date posted: 14th June 2010


Thought i would send you a little update on Vinnie.

Well, he has turned 3 and really chunked out! Although it might have something to do with the grass suddenly coming in. I dont know if you were the same as us but we had no grass for ages and it didnt seem to want to grow then the better weather started to come along with some mild rain and all the grass sprouted up extremely quickly!

We are hacking out inhand by ourselves, he loves going out and seeing whats going on! He i actually quite nosey! doesnt seem to mind the tractors, or any other vehicles. We plan to meet the combine over the summer so that might be fun! We have travelled to the local indoor arena by ourselves and played some games in there. He was brilliant, for being by himself he did me proud. There was abit of sillyness for the first 5 mins then he got on and worked. We long rein alot along the roads and in the silage fields (there out of bounds just now till there cut again) and lunge in big circles. He responds well to voice commands and praise. I have sat upon him a few times and had alittle walk around, he was ok with this but offered to buck. Thats when i decided to give him some time and take things slowly, we are in no hurry and im very pleased with what he has done so far. He has such a personality, and i think we have now gotten to know each other so well we almost know what each other are thinking. He gets alot of trust and confidence from me and it has taken along time to bond but i would say since the start of the year our bond has truly formed.

I know i have said this before but, he suits me and i suit him down to a tee!

I have included some piccies, dont you think he looks different? He is about 15.3, hasnt grown much, just streched lengths ways and filled out.

Hope your well, regards to you and your mum!

Lee Smith

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