Lara and Arla

Date posted: 22nd November 2010

Lara first visited Friesians Scotland at the beginning of the year but at that point was a little too inexperienced to take one of my horses as she had only been used to riding in a school at a riding centre which had given her the very basics of sitting on a horse but not the skills required to own one. It was agreed that Lara would go to an equestrian establishment to gain some experience of the every day care and management of horses and of course start to ride outside of an arena. However, it is not so easy to find somewhere to take you on when inexperienced so I suggested that Lara came back here for 5 days basically for an introduction to taking care of horses. As it turned out Lara and I quickly became very good friends and so she returned to us a number of times.

When I first met Lara she knew very little about horse management and I am sure she wont mind me saying so but I was surprised at just how quickly she became competent at handling and riding a varied selection of Friesians including youngsters who had only recently began training. She has gone from being someone who I would not have let canter on any of my horses to someone who joins me out on the 21/23k pleasure rides where we canter through fields in a group and galloped along a beach etc. She was also a great help when I was breaking some of the youngsters as it is imperative in the early stages of training the young ones that they remain calm and safe at all times, it would not do to have a young horse upset while out on first hacks and so am very selective with who rides the lead horse in front. Some people spend a lifetime with horses and still can never really understand them but Lara learned to read them in a short space of time.

She was with me in the crucial parts of breaking/training a 6 year old mare named Arla, who proved to be one of the sweetest and most willing of horses. Lara quickly formed a bond with this mare and decided she would like to take Arla home.

I am very proud of Arla as she became such a good and genuine little riding horse and her nature is lovely. I am equally proud of Lara for being so determined, becoming a good rider and handler of horses. The pair are very well suited, I am sure they will have many years of fun together and will most likely join us on some pleasure rides next year.

“Hi Janine,

Just a short email to let let you know that Arla has settled in really well to her new yard and routine. There is never a shortage of pepole who want to give her attention or treats, she is loved by everyone at the yard and it is easy to see why. Arla is everything i have ever wanted in a horse, she has beauty, grace, kindness and and an affectionate human loving nature.

I would like to thank you for being a good friend and an inspiring and dedicated horsewoman who strives to find her clients their perfect friesian.

Many thanks

Lara x”


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