KFPS stallion show Leeuwarden 2012

Date posted: 16th January 2012


This years KFPS stallion show in Leeuwarden was a great show. It is as informative as much as being entertaining, they have clinics on how the horses are graded, riding clinics and shows. At times it is like being in a disco with the loud music and lots of swirling lights. We had the whole thing translated via a headset and the commentator was fantastic, she really was getting excited when the stallions were coming in to the ring and the atmosphere when the old boys came out was something else. You feel as though it is royalty coming in when these older stallions such as Jasper enter the ring and you know you are in great presence!
The driving was all very impressive, I was particularly taken with one mare who was completely kitted out in pink and she was so excited, obviously knowing that she was about to race! Starting the race she would rear and leap through the air in to canter then fly in between all of the cones, such an amazing sight. There were lots of beautiful carriages, costumes, sparkling browbands and of course the horses were the best part.
I loved watching the young men running as fast as they could around the ring, some getting dragged along, some having to point the stallion at the side of the arena to stop it. They have to go so fast to get the stallions to really show off the big trot but not let them get into canter which is a fine line between the point of canter and the biggest stride of trot possible. There is one stallion called Thorben 466 who was absolutely amazing, his extension was incredible and I will certainly be keeping my eye out for his offspring! 2012 Champion status was awarded to Norbert 444.
There were a number of stallions who caught my eye and too many to name, the nicest part of the whole event for me was to see the older stallions as I have had so many of their offspring here and I know which stallions I like as far as who passes what on to their offspring but to see them in the flesh was a privilege.
I have come back from Leeuwarden with more ideas for our own friesian show on 30th June!


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