keith show 2010

Date posted: 11th August 2010

Keith show 2010

Last week end I went back up north to go to another potential ride and drive class in the hope of meeting more Friesian horses in the class. This was a mixed breed class but there was a little baroque Friesian gelding who was a cute wee thing and he was actually the winner of the class (shown in the video clip wearing a plain black bridle and handler in a tan coloured hat) . There was also a stallion who was in fact the stallion who we met the previous week at the Turriff show (shown in white) who is a very handsome horse, this time he was 4th in class. I took Oscar 314 and he was placed 3rd.

I am glad we made the effort to go up to Keith and try this class but I probably will not go back to this one next year as I felt the ring was far too small for the number of horses, the little baroque gelding did get a kick from another stallion while in the line up purely through lack of room. The ground was very uneven which makes it quite unsafe for showing horses in case either the horse or handler trips.

After being so annoyed with myself at the Turriff show for not showing Oscar correctly I had been practising getting him moving faster (with my flat shoes and suitable clothing this time), he definitely looked better and I was happy with the way he went. Just a shame that we all had the unlevel ground to show on.

As yet I have no more shows planned for my lot this year but definitely going to do some more pleasure rides as is so much more fun than being in a show ring where you have no idea what the judges are looking for because in many cases the winners just are not as good as the horses who havent been placed at all! On that note, I was at Perth show purely as a spectator last week and one of the classes was just ridiculous. There were two ponies who looked great, riders were not too big on them, ponies in correct outline and very well behaved, correct conformation and movement etc and they were both at the end of the line up. The top ponies in the judges eyes all had faults eg one was fighting contact all of the time, one had a rider who was far too big and one was just a very plain pony etc. It does make me wonder why exactly these ponies have been placed. I am often annoyed and confused by judges in my classes but to watch other classes and be completely impartial makes me wonder what the point of competing is because the best horse/rider combinations do not seem to get the credit deserved at all. One thing which really does annoy me is when overweight ponies or horse win classes, this is poor horsemanship, not fair to the horse and the judges should not encourage this. There are many faults in the showing world, it seems to be if you want to win you need to have a certain breed of horse and I am sure knowing the judge helps in a lot of cases.

I have met some great judges so far who are true horsemen and women but unfortunately they seem to be few and far between.

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