Kaiya and Janine

Date posted: 23rd June 2009

Kaiya came to us a short while ago looking for a Friesian which she planned to keep for life and the most important thing that she was looking for was a horse with a good nature. As luck would have it, we had the perfect horse for Kaiya at that time. A lovely mare called Janine who not only has a fantastic nature but is also a very good horse to ride. This particular mare had been overlooked by several people purely because she did not have the long flowing mane which is greatly desired by many, it was a great shame as she is one of the best Friesians that i have ever ridden! I am so pleased to learn how Kaiya and Janine have been getting on together and that Janine has found the caring home that she deserves.

"I just wanted to take a few moments to let you know how Janine is getting along. She is a real dream horse for me. We had our first lesson yesterday. Id ridden her a couple of times already, but mostly just to check the equipment we got for her. She was just an angel. She seems to know when Im a little nervous or frightened and slows way down and waits for me to get calm. Even my coach commented on it and couldnt say enough about how good she is. When im over my initial nervousness, she tracks right up and really starts showing off. She is just a dream to ride; willing, careful and very soft in the mouth. I barely have to move my hand or legs and she is doing what I want. She makes it very, very hard for me to remain in the state I was in when you saw me that first time and I know it wont be long until I have my have my confidence back.
On the ground, she is just so good. She trots or canters up out of the pasture when she sees us coming, and she loves having her head and tail rubbed. I can even point to where I want her to stand when she is loose in the pasture and she will come right to that spot. Ive never seen anything like it before. We are so much in love with her and I want to thank you again for bringing us together. She is everything I needed in a horse and so much more.
Best regards
Kaiya Mann"

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