Janine and Ijke

Date posted: 12th January 2010

Ijke Rixt is one of the very best Friesian mares who I have had the pleasure of meeting and working with. She is certainly one of the most beautiful animals that I have ever seen, she is also well trained and had already been competing in dressage competitions in Holland before I bought her. To ride she was just fantastic as she was willing to do what ever was asked of her. With her stunning looks, movement and mane of around a metre in length she really did get everyones attention. Needless to say this rare beauty was not advertised for sale for long at all, she is now in a happy home in Devon with a lady named Janine. I was very pleased to hear how Janine and Ijke are getting on together.

“…Ijke is doing really well and is admired very much, even when I am having a lesson(my tutor teaches the alexander technique and her clients all come up to her school to see her). I get comments like impressive, presence, big, pretty, kind and gentle. Amazingly when I go out for a hack on Ijke around the village (and believe me there are some idiots about) they all slow down to look at her and give her room, on my other horse (TBxID) they dont bother but its her you have to be careful with as she will buck through……….

Our training is going really well (when the weather is ok) as I have to hack over to my trainer (1hr) then we have a 1hr lesson and then we hack back 1hr and she is still rearing to go! My trainer is impressed that she is picking it up so quickly and after only 3 sessions (although I know she has done a lot of this in Holland) she can notice a difference…… Ijke thoroughly enjoys her training and is very willing, I will be in touch again soon when I have some other news/photos of our progress. I am hoping to attend 3 training sessions with my riding club early part of next year, so will let you know how we get on……

Take care, Kind regards,


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