Jamie and Medusa

Date posted: 10th February 2014
So why did I end up buying a Friesian?
I wanted a strong horse for long distance endurance riding after trying it during 2013.
After a 5 hour drive we ended up at Friesians Scotland and meeting Elbrich Fan Wolsum (aka Medusa) a 4 year old mare. I wanted a spirited strong horse who could keep up with the arabs for stamina and power but also carry complete 64km rides. During a test drive she showed all the characterics I wanted  and that was it I was sold and yet 5 minutes later in her stable was using my shoulder as a leaning post.

2 weeks later 3/12/13 Elbrich was transported from Scotland to Lancashire and is known as Medusa.

We left her a few days to settle and then we got the saddle fitters in. We use the saddle exchange and a type of saddle called Reactor Panel …  along with her blue endurance bridle which is frowned upon by the more old fashioned establishments, but once you have come back from an endurance ride covered in 2” of sand or mud you understand the dishwasher safe varieties of tack.

At day 10 Medusa was hacking down the road with Caesar the cob, she was a little unconfident, won’t lead but happy to follow, bomb proof with tractors, cars, cyclists when in company. Almost every weekend she has been out, building her confidence.

She has undergone highly intensive flat work training .. boot camp for 4 weeks with the trainers for dressage. She learns so quickly it seems to take 2/3 times and then it’s there, collected, in contact, responds to leg, as long as you are confident a friesian will try to do whatever you ask from them.   February 1st – Barton EC, her 1st dressage competition, long journey, strange place … Intro A doesn’t have travers and piaffes, but we managed a few but by 50% of the way through she suddenly relaxed and performed like a dream gaining 3rd with 63%. 40mins later and her confidence boosted P4 and another 63%   24 hours later February 2nd – Croal Irwell Valley 22km pleasure ride – a warmer for the endurance season ahead, we maintained a healthy 8km/hour average despite getting lost and riding with 2 new horses. The ride had tunnels, under motorway bridges, down the side of fast moving rivers, even a metal bridge.


She is everything I wanted, My wife’s dressage and my endurance season for 2104 is mapped out, always remembering for every 10km of endurance it’s a day off afterwards.

We plan on 300km of non competitive Endurance rides during 2014 ready for the 2014 competitive season.
Jamie Houghton

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