Information about strangles

Date posted: 7th March 2009

Strangles is caused by the bacterium streptococcus equi and is one of the most common equine respiratory infections in the world. It is very dangerous and highly contagious.

Some of the symptoms include; high temperature, dull, depression, nasal discharge, the horse can find breathing and eating difficult. The lymph nodes around the throat swell forming abscesses. Ruptured abscesses shed highly infective pus into the environment which can then infect other horses. If the abscesses spread to other parts of the body it becomes a condition known as “bastard strangles” which is in most cases fatal!

Strangles spreads very quickly amongst horses, it is spread by direct contact between horses as well as indirect contact eg. feeding and water buckets, horse tack, equipment, clothing and hands.

If you are at all worried about strangles then contact your vet immediately.

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