Inchcoonans summer show 2010

Date posted: 11th May 2010

Inchcoonans summer show 8th may 20010

Last week end we took two of the boys along to Inchcoonans competition and livery yard for their summer show. I have to say I was very impressed with the number of different classes, the yard owners have made every effort to cater for all types of horse. It can be difficult to find classes suitable for Friesians to enter but this show had several and better still stallions were welcome.

The two horses to go to this show with us were my stallion Oscar 314 and my 4 year old gelding Tjipke.

Oscar loves his outings to shows, he is a bit of a show off really and as he normally is at shows, on the day he was so well behaved. I entered him into a non native ridden class where he performed extremely well and he couldnt have tried any harder. Unfortunately he was only placed 3rd as the judge favoured warmbloods, the warmblood to win though was indeed a worthy winner and looked to be a nice riding horse.

Some of you may remember Tjipke as he was advertised for sale several months ago, he is my 4 year old 16.3hh gelding. I have grown very fond of Tjipke so when it came to time for selling him my heart ruled my head with this one. This was Tjipkes first outing and I entered him in to the in hand non native class where he was just perfectly behaved. He was a real star and didnt put a foot wrong at all, unfortunately we had the same judge in this class who favoured warmbloods. Tjipke was second in this class, I did feel that the judging was not quite as it should be in the in hand class as these classes are judged on conformation, movement and manners. Although the winning warmblood was nicely put together and well marked, his manners were not acceptable for first place as he would not stand nor most importantly he would not trot without messing around. All of the other horses in this class had better manners than the horse placed 1st so was rather inappropriate of the judge not to take this into consideration and I did feel it was very unfair for the rest of the competitors in the class.

I was delighted to see a 4 year old Friesian filly named Unique at the show with her new owner. Unique was with us at Friesians Scotland until late 2009. It is rare to see other Friesians at shows so my eyes were instantly drawn to this mare standing very relaxed at her trailer, as soon as I looked at the tail I recognised Unique as she has such a thick, beautiful tail and she was looking as pretty as ever. Unique was in the same class as Tjipke and was placed 4th, understandably her owner was also equally displeased with the lack of consideration taken for manners by the judge.

It was a good experience for Oscar and especially for Tjipkes first outing. Inchcoonans competition and livery yard is turning out to be a very good competition venue and with the relaxed atmosphere makes it the ideal training ground for horses and riders both young and old. Even though we were disappointed with the judging of our class, I would still recommend Inchcoonans for anyone with an interest in competing as this venue has a great deal to offer and owners who have gone out of their way to allow everyone to compete. www.inchcoonansequestrian.co.uk

Pictures taken by Mr Robert Kilpatrik. www.robkil.co.uk

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