Getting started with your Friesian in Britain

Date posted: 7th August 2013

Although many Friesian horse owners in the UK predominantly use their horses for hacking only, I am being asked more frequently for advise on what else there is to do with this breed such as getting started with showing or dressage, endurance etc. I am debating now whether we should have a few ‘training’ weekends or informal events just to help to get people started. I know from personal experience how daunting it can be to get out and about especially with a breed which is still very rare in the UK.

Over the years I have had many requests and the main one being for me to provide ridden instruction but as I am not a qualified riding instructor I really would not feel comfortable providing such a service but I would like to help people in whatever way I can in order to give a little more confidence to those who would like to get out and give things a go with their horse. So what I am looking for at the moment are a few suggestions of how I can help, what would be beneficial to you and or your horse. We could do some training weekends where owners can get together, we could have an instructor come in and do some ridden training or we could have a few talks/demonstrations etc even the more basic of things like feeding, work routines, plaiting manes etc. What would help you and your Friesian?

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