Gail and Andy

Date posted: 18th March 2012


“The time is right to share our incredible journey for Andy and myself to live our dream and hack out on our Friesians. Many of you will be aware of the problems we have encountered on our journey by reading “ un ride able schoolmaster “ on Friesians Scotland Web page. Well since the posting I continued to doubt Nero and every time I rode him I was a nervous wreck….he picked up on this (as they do) and I ended up in hospital with a dislocated hip after a fall. However after only 3 weeks I was back riding at FriesiansScotlandunder the watchful eye of Janine who also was determined I should live my dream and she knew I needed to get riding as soon as I was able.  In October Janine offered me a part exchange for Ime for a horse that would suit our needs and help fulfil our dream. Yke Joukje was picked because of her level head ,( and only 4) nothing fazed her at all and I had ridden her for weeks and knew she would be ideal for Andy. It was a sad parting for us and Ime but every horse has a purpose and he has yet to find his where he will be happy at his work.   Yke Joukje is a wonderful , loving , beautiful girl and we have totally fallen in love with her , so has Nero although he is still boss. Yke settled very well and I was hacking out alone on her with no problem at all. I took Yke on a pleasure ride 2 weeks after she came home and she completed a 20k very testing ride for us both over  very tough terrain, everything was thrown at us, she was a complete angel,  but we still had a horse in the field not being ridden(Nero).  Janine suggested I take them both to hers for a week , she would ride Nero first too see he was not freaked with my fall and I could take over when she was confident I could cope. This only took Janine 3 rides with Nero then one day she said “ right Gail tack up Nero you are out on him next”   Our first ride was very emotional and I spent a long time after the ride just hugging him and crying buckets. Another few rides and we were allowed home to continue our training. It’s been 5 weeks now since I’ve been riding Nero again and can honestly say he is back to the Nero who came to me 2 years ago and even better, he loves hacking and is taking everything in his stride. Yke Joukje and Andy are getting on so well together  and she is so photogenic which Andy adores as he loves taking photos of the horses. This could not have been possible without the help from Janine . She has given me time …a lot of patience…..and confidence ….We cant thank you enough x  Now we  can hack out  on our black pearls which is what we had hoped for 2 years ago.  Time to put the past behind us and look forward to years of enjoyment with our Friesians!”


For those of you who haven’t read the earlier post about Gail and Andy’s story, they bought two horses from Holland unseen, one being a gelding (Nero) and the other being a stallion (Ime). Ime was supposed to be a schoolmaster but in actual fact was an extremely dangerous horse when ridden, buying him unseen proved to be a very expensive risk and one that dd not end well. I now own Ime and hope he will retrain and then I will find him a suitable home in time. Andy now has a far more suitable horse (Yke Joukje) and Gail’s confidence has returned with a lot of hard work and determination on her part and it is great to see that both Gail and Andy are now able to ride out safely with their horses.

The moral of the story is to make sure that you go and try horses before you buy them, especially if you buy from abroad because if you think you can send a horse back to Holland and get your money back you may get a nasty surprise and most lawyers don’t want to take on foreign cases!


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