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Date posted: 4th July 2012












Britain’s first Friesian horse show 30th June 2012 It was fantastic to see that so many people supported this show and made creating an event entirely for this breed worthwhile. It was pretty daunting taking this on as it started off as an idea to create a small event and raise some money for the Scottish SPCA but when we realised that friesian enthusiasts were coming from the north of Scotland, south of England and lots of places inbetween, even as far away as Grand Canaria the pressure was on a little! The weather had been horrendous in the run up to the show so much so that most of the outdoor events near by had been cancelled so I was worried that the rain would have put people off and class entries would be low but I was delighted to see that very few of the pre entries did not turn up and we had a number of entries on the day, so many in fact that we had to split the in hand mare class which had already had to be split to have mares and geldings seperate! It was fabulous to see all friesian horses together and real enthusiasts here to support the competitors and watch the show.

A lot of people were involved in making this day possible including all of the show sponsors, the judges who were fantastic and did a wonderful job, the stewards, helpers, my family were really supportive.
A special thank you to all of the competitors as they had all gone to so much effort to turn thier beautiful horses out to a high standard and looked super. Without the support of the competitors I would not have contemplated having another friesian horse show but thanks to them I am delighted to say that we will be having another show for this wonderful breed in 2013!
Les Amis’ d Onno did a fabulous show for us and for free in order to help us raise more money for the SSPCA! So a big thank you for them!
The main aims of the day were firstly to raise money for the Scottish SPCA and secondly for everyone to have some fun, we have achieved both so it was a worthwhile event allround.
I will have more pictures and results on the website soon. Our official photographer at the show was www.robkil.co.uk  who has some lovely pictures taken on the day.

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