Friesian horse show 2017

Date posted: 17th August 2017

The Friesian horse show 2017 turned out to be a successful weekend and we managed to raise £1,567 for our chosen charity this year which was “Homes4Hens”.  Homes4Hens are a fabulous little charity who rescue ex battery hens who would otherwise be heading to slaughter at around 15 months of age which is the end of their intensive egg laying life apparently. I have some of the rescue hens from Homes4Hens and they are very sweet little girls, if anyone is interested in offering a home to some of these hens I would highly recommend getting some of the girls from this charity!

We had lots of classes this year with many of our usual classes such as ridden horse, novice ridden, concours and lots of in hand classes to choose from. We added veteran in hand and ridden classes this year also best import to go along side the best of British class. There were so many well turned out, stunning and well mannered Friesians which made our judges Louise Cushnie and Vanessa Robertson’s job very difficult! The in hand Champion was 5 years old mare Mattje with Leigh Reynolds.

Reserve in hand was 13 year old gelding Otse fan Hazzebouren with Sarah Johnsen. Ridden champion was 15 year old stallion Hendrik fan Arummieden with owner Louise Atkinson and reserve ridden was Sarah Johnsen again with her gelding Otse fan Hazzebouren.

Supreme Champion was Louise Atkinson with Hendrik and reserve supreme Sarah Johnsen with Otse.

Another addition this year was an award for the “ultimate Friesian 2017” our hope was that we would find a horse who had competed successfully (not necessarily winning each class) throughout the entire weekend in the in hand and ridden classes as well as dressage on sunday. The results were very close at the end of the show weekend and our winner had won in hand, ridden, pairs, dressage and dressage to music classes as well as having been in hand and ridden reserve and supreme champion reserve ! This combination also won the Friesians Scotland numnah for having the highest dressage percentage. The pair to win Ultimate Friesian 2017 were Sarah Johnsen and her 13 years old gelding Otse fan Hazzebouren pictured here with a beautiful garland and receiving their £400 prize money!

We had a lot of fun with the fastest trot class this time so this will definitely be returning the next time we have a show! Winning this class along with a bottle of champagne was Nicola Ogg with the stunning big mare Anne.

The “Formerly of Friesians Scotland” class is one of my favourites for obvious reasons, it makes me very proud to see lots of former Friesians Scotland horses all lined up together and the winner this year was Carol with the beautiful mare Alma, pictured here with their fancy new rug which was a prize for winning the class.

Thank you to everyone who supported the show by bringing their horses, the spectators, our judges, the sponsors who were Mr Jamie Houghton, Scrap a Car, Burrelton Park Inn and our main sponsors City and County services Ltd. I had so many fantastic helpers this year so big thank you to all who helped including stewards, setting up the show rings, looking after my horses over the weekend etc. Without all of these people the show could not take place so I appreciate the help and support of each and every one of you and look forward to seeing you all again for the next Friesian horse show!

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