Enverdale Fitness

Date posted: 4th July 2013

Enverdale Fitness

Enverdale fitness were the sponsors of our ‘Ridden Friesian’ class at our 2013 Friesian horse show. The horse placed 1st in this class was Richtsje, owned by Liz Vietch who went on to become reserve champion of the show.


Enverdale fitness is a fantastic business in Coupar angus, I have to admit that this gym has been an absolute god send for me. I had never imagined going to a gym as always presumed it would be full of super fit people with the perfect bodies but in reality most are just normal people who would like to improve their look or fitness. I used to think I was physically fit until having to run across a field to catch a horse who had escaped and was making her way to introduce herself to my stallion! After almost passing out from my little adventure I decided I had to get to a gym and get fit.

I absolutely love the Enverale Gym as is a small, friendly place with lots of equipment and classes as well as trained staff to help you to reach your own personal goals, they can advise on exercise as well as your diet plan. Everyone seems to get different things out of their time at the gym but for me personally, I like to feel fit and also it is without a doubt the ultimate stress buster!

As far as riding horses goes, the fitter you are the better and some of our competitors at the show last weekend will have also realised that their fitness maybe wasn’t quite as good as they would like. I have been to many shows with my horses and running around the ring once can be pretty hard work but to be able to show your horses movement off really well in hand we have to get them running out fast so being running fit can help you to get much higher placings in the show ring.

If anyone would like to join Enverdale fitness, I am sure owner Mr Charles Fraulo would be happy to show you around and help you to get started but first you can take a look at their website www.enverdale-fitness.co.uk

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