Edward and Elle

Date posted: 29th October 2010

Many of you who have visited the farm here or follow the website will know of Elbrich or Elle as I called her. She has been the model for calendars, projects and for my own calendars as she is such a stunning girl. She is a mare who came to me with a lot of worries about being ridden, she was extremely stressed about the whole thing and I had no idea what had happened to her to make her react this way. She has always been such an affectionate mare and calm with it so for her to be so stressed as soon as the tack came out meant that she must have had some kind of bad experiences in the past. It took months for Elle to relax under saddle but when she finally did I had become so attached to her that I could not bring myself to sell her on as was originally intended. This horse was like no other to ride, her trot is absolutely amazing and she covers so much ground with her huge stride but is also smooth with it. She loved to go for a gallop across the fields and she reminded me of the time I had spend on racehorses, the speed she can reach is very impressive. I had my heart in my mouth a number of times when she reached her top speed but always felt safe with her. As the number of horses here has increased, I had less time to spend with Elle and so decided to see if she liked Oscar, which she did and so this year she had her foal.

Edward had came out to look at another horse all together originally but she sold very quickly before Edward had chance to take her. Knowing that Elle would love to be where she would get a lot of attention I decided that Edward could come to meet her and see if they got on. Elle is far more enthusiastic about her work than the mare originally intended for Edward and so It was agreed that he would go to have some riding lessons while I brought Elle back into work after her long break during pregnancy and looking after her foal. I had told Edward that if he could not ride this horse properly or if she did not like him then he could not have her, so no pressure at all for poor Edward! He came to ride her several times as I was getting her back into her work routine and they did get on very well and so although it was going to be so hard to say good bye to her I thought it was the right thing for her now. I no longer have the time to spend with her and that is not fair for such an affectionate horse. I will probably always miss my big beauty but I am glad that she is with someone who will love her to bits and give her the time that she deserves. I have to say though, I have become very protective of her foal (Gladiator) since Elle left here and I do not think he will be going anywhere for a long time.

“Well after a month of toing and froing to Perthshire, Elle (Elbrich) came up to her new home in the Highlands at the weekend.

When I first met her, she had Gladiator, her 3 month old foal nipping and barging and cagouling me for attention every time I went near her, he really was hilarious but lovely at the same time.

There’s a part of me wishes he’d come with her but that’s only my sentiment not El’s, she was pretty hacked off with him by 4 months of sucking the life out of her!

None of us here can believe how fast she settled down and she is feeling very at home already. Bianca (my other Friesian) was in with her after half an hour or so, and we let them all together after about 2 hours, with lots of excited galloping around the paddock by El and PiggyPorky (our 9 year old Shetland – Olive), it really was lovely to see, her galloping round as fast as her little legs could carry her to keep up with Elle’s 17hh massive trot! Our Highland pony Jock thinks she’s gorgeous I’m sure. Within minutes though there was complete calm and harmony in the paddock and all settled down to graze together.

Elle is quite the most gentle, caring and happy giant I have met. She has already really enjoyed walking out around where we live. I had my first ride out with her after 3 days of being here. It was fantastic! On roads and paths that she had never been along, she was so good, relaxed, calm and she clearly enjoyed herself. We had not one spook or issue and she is really becoming a great team of 2 with me! I’m so happy about it. Janine is so right, Elle really is a special girl.

She seems joined at the hip to Bianca. They move around the paddock in pure synchronisation it’s so nice that they immediately hit it off and they love to walk out together.

I have to say, I owe Friesians Scotland a massive debt of gratitude. Elle wasn’t originally destined to come home with me but as fate would have it she is now here and I know that she is already as loved here as she is still loved back at Friesians Scotland. To me, she represents more than just buying a 17hh beautiful horse, so much more.

Thank you so much Janine for all you have done.


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