Edward And Elle

Date posted: 8th July 2011

“Hi Janine, just a quick update on what Ive been getting up to with Elle.
Today saw a very special horse compete in the Northern Working Horse Society show at Brodie Castle. The venue was beautiful, set in the gardens of the castle. The weather was perfect without a cloud in the sky or a breath of wind.
Id entered Elbrich firstly into the Heavy horse in hand any breed (except Clydesdale) class. There were a mixture of cobs, a Friesian cross Shire and other purebred Friesians. Elle didnt put a hoof wrong and was awared 1st place, which I was shocked, this was my first place in only my second show!
The second class Id entered her in was the In hand Purebred Friesian only class. The sun had got a little hotter and the flies were buzzing around all the horses but once again, Elle was inch perfect and to my astonishment, I won this class aswell. I cant tell you how proud I felt of this big black gentle giant standing next to me.
It was also wonderful to meet Angela and Raege, whom Id had contact with but not actually met, also competed in this class and got a 3rd first time out which is equally fantastic.
This win automatically entered me into the Heavy horse overall Champion class. There were again, a mixture of heavy horses including Friesians. To my utter amazement, I won!! Heres me, just over a year into riding and handling horses, winning 3 prizes in the same show. Unbelieveable (also addictive!)
I was speechless and I cant tell you how proud I am of Elle.
I came away today with 2 large plaque trophies and the 3 rosettes. This wasnt in my lifes plan to be riding and showing beautiful horses and winning prizes!
I still cant believe Elle is an exceptional Friesian in every way. I remember Janine telling me even before I had met Elle, that she was special, well never a truer word was spoken! I have to pinch myself every day when I look into that paddock and see her stood there looking stunning. She is so affectionate, calm and sincere and she is so keen to please. She trusts me implicitly and I trust her. This bond we share is so strong. I think that most if not all Friesian owners will be able to relate to this bond which is most prevalent in this breed.


Picture of Elle and Edward on the left, also Angela with her boy Raege who is another former resident of Friesians Scotland.Well done to you both!

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