Danielle and Renske

Date posted: 24th December 2010

I last heard from Danielle in April (see news archive 26 april 2010 ) and I am pleased to learn that both her and Renske are still getting along very well together.

“Hi Janine,

I know its a bit late but thought youd like to see Renske a year on.

She is doing very well and youll be suprised to know she actually has a cheeky side to her but never nasty. She has accomplised so much this year. I overcame my travelling fear a little bit and ventured to a dressage clinic with Jeanette Brakewell. You would never have thought it was Renskes first outing. She stepped off the lorry took a look around and dived to the grass! When in the school I was a bit nervous about mirrors and a noisy gallery, Renske was totally unphased! Amazing.

Back in september she did a 10k endurance ride, and crossed a very busy road. I planned for her to be following a very confident horse so she wouldnt have to worry about anything. It didnt end up like that the “confident horse” had a tantrum and planted himself in the middle of a field. Renske had to carry on by herself, not a problem. She crossed through streams and casually strode parallel to the A41!! She was again amazing!

She is great at hacking although she does try and throw a wobbler sometimes but when I say wobbler all she does is go slow and really raise her legs everyone tells me its beautiful to see, I just find it amusing that a horse with so much power chooses to go slow when shes scared!! She is picking up schooling brilliantly we are now doing direct transitions from walk to canter, leg yielding, turn on the forehand and we are attempting shoulder in. No doubt in 2 weeks shell have picked that up too.

I have attached a load of photos from summer and now. Hope they all open ok and you see how well shes doing the photo of her scratching was taken on sunday.

Hope your not too snowed in!!

Many thanks
Danielle and Renske”

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