Cross Breeding Friesian Horses

Date posted: 9th July 2011

This is a subject often discussed. Approved breeding stallions are not allowed to cross breed at all. As we are not allowed to have approved breeding stallions in the UK, it does not make an awful lot of difference if a stallion owner chooses to cross breed or not. No one can instruct you not to cover non Friesian mares with your own stallion or indeed to have your Friesian mare covered by another breed. To do this would mean that the offspring would not be eligible for FPS registration however.

It is a difficult subject as I can understand why an owner of a mare (non Friesian) who has perhaps been in injured etc so no longer able to be ridden, would consider putting her in foal to a good Friesian stallion. From that point of view it seems perfectly reasonable.

There was one Friesian cross I have seen which really did catch my eye. It looked pure Friesian in movement, conformation and was jet black everywhere apart from the top side of his hind quarters were white with black spots. It was so unusual but very striking. To cross with a black and white mare could take years and years, so many foals to try to get one with markings such as this.

I have to say however that I am not in favour of cross breeding. To me the Friesian is perfection in a horse and there is no part which I would like to change or adapt, I love this breed and everything about them. They have spectacular movement, stunning looks, beautiful long flowing manes and the most incredibly kind and gentle of natures. I cant help but feel that to cross a pure Friesian with any other breed could only take away from these outstanding beauties. To me they have it all and I would struggle to see what other breed could add or improve the Friesian.

There are many other breeds of horses which I really like for various reasons but as yet have seen none which I would happily cross a Friesian with and it is nice to keep any breed as pure as possible as long as that breed does not have major design faults.

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