‘Champions of the Horse’

Date posted: 11th November 2012

‘Champions of the Horse’ by Lynn Parr


This is a fantastic book about saving rare breeds and the efforts of some determined people who have and still continue to save particular breeds of horses from extinction, such as the Carneddau ponies who roam free in Snowdonia, Wales. These are ponies that I had never heard of and the book makes it clear why they are relatively unheard of.

The author, Lynn Parr looks in to some of the pro’s and con’s of human intervention in equine breeding, I have to admit that I have found this part particularly interesting and I believe it could cause some heated debates amongst horse owners and enthusiasts.

The reason for my initial interest in this book was because the author had asked if she could use some of my images of Friesian’s, it is a great honour that she has used an image of my stallion ‘Oscar’ on the front cover as well as another image inside.

For anyone who would like to learn a little about the Friesian breed this is informative and an accurate account of events which have ultimately lead to the Friesian being as they are today. I love the description given as being ‘glamorous, hardworking’ which to my mind is a perfect way to describe our black beauties.

I would highly recommend any horse enthusiast having a read of this fascinating book, I rarely have time to read books now but struggled to put this one down especially as it covers some issues which I personally have strong views on.

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