Friesian adverts/scams
27th January 2014
It is a reoccurring issue that my adverts and pictures are used by others predominantly to advertise horses who are not owned by the person who has placed the advert. I have been made aware by more people today that again my pictures and/or adverts are being used to sell or loan Friesians. I would […]
BD Affiliated Friesians
3rd January 2014
I have been following the progress of some of the Friesians who have been out competing in affiliated dressage last year. It is encouraging to see more Friesian owners getting into the sport.   Some of those who have been out doing well over the last few years include;   Danielle Henderson-Holding with her mare Renske, […]
Changes for 2014
28th December 2013
We are coming to the end of 2013 and so we are now making plans for the year ahead. 2014 is going to bring a lot of changes for Friesians Scotland as we will be branching out into various other projects. As the Friesian breed are becoming increasingly popular it is becoming more apparent that there are […]
Festive Friesian Fun
16th December 2013
We all had a fabulous time yesterday on our Christmas fancy dress ride. It is quite a sight and sound to have ten Friesians dressed up and trotting along together. The horses all enjoyed themselves, the humans enjoyed themselves, so a good day was had by all! Merry Christmas everyone!
Alaina and Nero
27th November 2013
“Hey Janine, I just wanted to send you a wee update on how Nero is doing. I can honestly say I have never met a horse as lovely. He is  anything I could ever wish for in a horse,  and more. He behaves impeccably no matter what we throw at him, whether a wee trailer, […]
Tracy and Boadicia
20th November 2013
“Hi Janine, Just an update on Boadicia. She is the most wonderful horse I have ever known and we have bonded so quickly. She is so brave and I am taking on the main road, she passes trucks buses tractors, nothing bothers her, she is so willing! We stopped lessons until the weather picks up, […]
Friesian Horse Club UK
19th November 2013
A short while ago I added a post to the Friesians Scotland website and facebook page regarding getting started with your Friesian in Britain. I had such a big response to this and a number of people asking for advice, training with their Friesian and a popular topic of conversation amongst Friesian owners is the […]
The versatile Friesian
12th October 2013
“How versatile is the Friesian and what are they capable of” The truth is, this breed is proving it’s self to be very versatile. What once was a breed used to pull ploughs on the farm, then became best known as carriage driving horses and now proving themselves as dressage, endurance and even jumping horses. In the UK […]
Off The Beaten Track Rides
23rd September 2013
“Off The Beaten Track Rides” is a fantastic little place in Carlisle, Cumbria where you can take your own horse on holiday with you. This weekend a group of six of us took our Friesians there and we had the most amazing weekend! I took my little mare, Cornelia and were joined by six former residents of Friesians Scotland […]
Friesian Inspections/gradings 2013
29th August 2013
This week I went to the UK Friesian Inspections, which this year was held in Lancashire. I have been to many of the official KFPS gradings in Holland but this was the first time that I have attended the British Inspections. I think a lot of Friesian horse owners would find it an eye opener, we all tend to compare […]

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