Caroline and Silke

Date posted: 30th April 2012
I stumbled across the Friesians of Scotland website around 2 years ago, and ever since then I have looked on regularly dreaming of the day I would be able to own one of these black beauty’s.  Last September, I emailed Janine and asked if she would mind if I drove up to see the horses and have a ride with her as I had never even rode a Friesian but loved the look of them.  I had a lovely hack out with Janine on Oscar and I rode Janine’s fantastic mare, Ramkje -when we got back I was literally walking around the stables with my mouth open, every corner I turned there was another stunning Friesian.  I knew from that moment I had to own one of these one day.  I already own a gelding (ID x TB), who I have had to recently stop riding due to a large melanoma, so the time was right to start thinking about getting another horse, all I needed now was the money! 
So I saved and saved, and kept in touch with Janine.  She invited me up to go on a Pleasure Ride with her in February – so I obviously jumped at the chance!  I was going to be riding a gelding, but by chance her mum suggested I could ride her mare, Silke.  As soon as she was lead out of the stables I loved her.  I had a 5 minute “test ride” before the Pleasure Ride on the Sunday and I just thought wow I love this mare.  The next day she looked after me so well on my first ever pleasure ride and I could tell this was what she loved doing.  She was just so willing and had such a lovely kind eye, that was it I was in Love.  I couldn’t quite afford her at that point, so I was hoping and praying she wouldn’t get sold in the meantime, 6 weeks later I managed to get the money together and she arrived in Newcastle on 18th April. 
She has been a little angel since the day she arrived.  She has settled into the herd with my gelding and my sisters mare.  Her first two hacks were alone and she was a brave little lady even though she was in new surroundings.  I am also lucky to have Lisa and Donna who also bought Friesians from Janine a few years ago, who are very close to my livery yard and they are really taking us under their wing, we have been out on a lovely long hack together, going over busy roads and Lisa took us out in her lorry yesterday and we have a Pleasure Ride planned for next week.  I definitely made the right decision, I now own my dream horse, Silke Sue.

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