Bonnyton show 2010

Date posted: 24th May 2010

Bonnyton show 2010

Today we took three of the boys along to Bonnyton show.

Watse, my three year old gelding (advertised on the for sale page) came along for his first outing. The judge was very complimentary and couldnt fault Watse in conformation or movement and was impressed with how well mannered he was, he received 3rd place and the judge said the only reason he was not placed higher is because the judge did not know enough about the Friesian breed to know how good an example Watse is, although he did expect that watse would be a “very good example of his breed”. He certainly had a lot of attention at the show and loved every minute of it, he is a real show off but he behaved very well with it.

Oscar performed well too. The judge really liked him and placed him 1st and was impressed with how calm Oscar was.

Tjipke (my 4 year old gelding) came with us again but was not successful at all at this show. I entered him into the sport horse class and the judge placed him last saying that Tjipke was in the wrong class! Friesians to his knowledge were not sports horses, I did of course correct him but he said, to him they are not sport horses. I could understand if I had entered a heavy baroque Friesian but not the 16.3hh slim built, leggy and very sporty big horse that Tjipke is. I was really disappointed with this as Tjipke had again been such a good and responsive horse so was a shame that he was placed last only on the thought that friesian horses are not for sport.

Oscar was supposed to be competing in a ridden sport horse class but as this class was to be judged by the same judge as Tjipkes class I felt there was little point in entering. Oscar had a 3rd and 1st for the sport horse classes at Bonnyton show last year (with a different judge) and so was disappointing that this years judge could not place them as sport horses.

I know it must be difficult for judges to understand every breed in the class and the problem is that they are just not used to seeing Friesians so the more they see out at shows the better and I think it is the only way that the breed will get the credit which they deserve.

I was extremely proud of all of my boys today and each one of them seemed to enjoy their day out, even though we did get rained on!

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