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Date posted: 3rd January 2014

I have been following the progress of some of the Friesians who have been out competing in affiliated dressage last year. It is encouraging to see more Friesian owners getting into the sport.


Some of those who have been out doing well over the last few years include;


Danielle Henderson-Holding with her mare Renske,Danielle&Renske

“Me and renske affiliated May 2012. Within 3 competitions we qualified for area festivals. In February 2013 we went to the winter regionals at Myerscough in Novice freestyle to music. We then went to the Summer Regionals at Somerford park in prelim. We also qualified for area festivals in 2013.

This season I’m hoping to get back to regionals in prelim and area festivals at novice restricted!  We recently won prelim 19 with 73%!”


Helen Sinclair and her gelding Odin,Helen&Odin

The pair qualified for the Scottish championships at novice level and Area festivals at novice in 2013. Now working on elementary.


Julia Catling and her gelding Jeb,Julia&Jeb

“Jeb is doing the Elementary Freestyle regional at Addington in February. He has been a good boy and got over 50 points this year. He also won Bury Farm Novice Open dressage championship, so a successful year!”


Gill Knights with her two geldings Sieb and XanteGill and Xante

Gill enjoyed dressage success on her first Friesian Sieb whom she competed up to elementary level, the pair took part in the regionals before Sieb had a break and Gill purchased her second Friesian Xante who is also competing at elementary level “ we qualified for the BD Winter Championships with over 70% again at Novice and Elementary in our first attempt and even more excitingly in one weekend!!  At the last count we had won 12 out of the 14 classes (and came 2nd in the other two classes) at Novice Open and Elementary Restricted we entered since coming back from the Summer Regionals!”

Gill plans to be working with both geldings at medium level by the end of 2014

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