BCE showing show 09

Date posted: 23rd August 2009

Today we took Oscar 314 to the Brechin castle equestrian showing show.
I like to go to shows such as this one as the organiser makes every effort to create a wide variation of classes to allow anyone to compete who wishes to do so.

Oscar 314 competed firstly in the in hand class for horses over four years old. he was marked down to 3rd in this class due to him becoming over excited when asked to trot for the judge.

The next class was the “ridden horse”. In this class Oscar behaved very well but was only awarded 6th place. I asked the judge what either I or the horse needed to improve on in order to gain a higher position, his answer was nothing! He informed me that Oscar behaved well, that I rode him very well, he really liked the horse etc etc. The reason for Oscar being marked down was because the judge didnt feel that a riding horse class was suitable for a Friesian “as they are ride and drive horses”! so therefore would do better in a ride and drive class (not that there was such a thing at this particular show).
Surely if a horse, whatever its breed is being ridden and performing well then he or she is a riding horse! A Friesian horse should not be marked down purely because they were bred a long time ago as driving horses only, the breed have changed a lot since then and now make perfect riding horses.
Highland ponies were bred to carry deer down from the hills but they are not expected to carry dead deer around the show ring so why can a Friesian only be judged while pulling a carriage?

I was so pleased with Oscars performance while under saddle today but it is extremely disheartening when your horse is marked down because the judges still do not know how to judge when a Friesian enters their class.

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