Arrival of the last of our 2010 foals

Date posted: 14th June 2010

Last night saw the arrival of the last of our 2010 foals and our only filly of this year. It was a very good foaling, mum was relaxed and knows all about what was happening to her as she is an experienced broodmare. She just got on with the birth herself as it should be and without knowing I was there watching from a distance. Unfortunately I had to rush to help as the foal could not get out of the bag so would have suffocated without her head being released, the poor little thing was in quite a panic very quickly but thankfully after she caught her breath she hasnt looked back, is a fantastic little girl and full of energy. In my experience mares predominantly foal naturally and unaided but when there is a problem it can all go wrong very quickly indeed, certainly for me this is the most stressful time of the year so for now I am pleased that I can relax again until the 2011 foals start to appear! Although I am sure I will have my hands full soon with all of these little colt foals who are growing in size and confidence every day.

Video clip was taken today of a two week old colt foal and in the distance is our nine hours old filly.

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