Amanda and Marijke

Date posted: 28th April 2010

“Bow (Marijke) is doing really well and is a typical teenager who just loves to put on a show in the field, I am sure if she throws her head about much more it will fall off but my goodness does she like to show off and looks fabulous running about the field and knows it too!

Like all Friesians she turns heads and we usually have an audience when I am working her in the ring and we have started doing a little dressage work and are thinking of showing her in hand at our local show in the summer so ground work has started and that is Nobbys speciality but she is such a star. I have started jumping with her a few weeks ago and she just loves it and tonight we are playing pony club games (I missed out on all that, so now doing middle aged version not so much of the jumping on and off and running about) with another horse, so she is kept busy and just trying to keep it varied. I am going to try and attach a photo that I took of her just last week but so rubbish at these things if I doesnt work this way will try another way.



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