Alison and Rixt

Date posted: 15th May 2011

"Hi Janine,

Just to let you know how Rixts first week has gone. Shes being turned out now with all the other horses and has been no bother at all walking up and down to the field, past a busy golf club, lots of cars and a couple of flags! Shes been round in our arena a few times which has some quite spooky mirrors which she is still getting to grips with. Although she doesnt find them very scary anymore she gets very distracted by the pretty black horse she keeps seeing in them!! We went on our first hack out today and I think we saw every obstacle you could possibly see, traffic cones, kids on bikes, a leafblower and no end of flappy things but Rixt took it all in her stride. Shes very brave and trusting. Im so pleased with her Janine, shes incredibly beautiful and full of potential, Im very excited about our future and what well do. Ill keep you posted along the way. Once again, many thanks for introducing us!

All the best,


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