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Friesians Scotland is Britain’s home for quality friesian horses. We breed our own foals as well as importing from Holland and Germany. We are happy to take Friesians in for backing/training/schooling for clients. Our horses are used for hacking, dressage, showing, low level endurance, driving and our Friesian horses are also available for photoshoots.

Who are we – ‘Friesians Scotland’ is owned and run by me, Janine Mason. I also have a lot of help from my mum Kay whom helps me with the everyday care of the my black beauties. My mum enjoys spending time with, grooming and hacking out on the horses. She has her own mare named Sigrit who is a stunning horse and the two are pictured below. This picture was taken in June 2012 in the costume class of ‘Britain’s first Friesian horse show’, which was held here in Perthshire at Friesians Scotland . My mother has no interest in showing and really doesn’t like to take part but she did make the effort as this show was the first of it’s kind in the U.K.

Horses have always been my passion in life, they are my job, my hobby and I couldn’t be without them.

My work experience has been varied and included everthing from rehabilitating abused horses to training eventers and racehorses  in order to develop more of an understanding of the many different methods to train a horse. I have worked with people whose training methods were entirely one extreme to another.

From a holistically run rehabilitation yard where the horses well being was put before everything. At the opposite end of the scale a racehorse training yard where thoroughbreds were broken to ride at one year old and kept inside for 6.5 days of the week.

I have experience with many different breeds of horses but have found no other breed to be as easy to train, as willing to please and as breath taking to look at as the Friesian.

The nature of the Friesian for me is the most admirable, I find it amazing that a horse so big and powerful is so gentle towards people and they seem to actively seek human attention.

I truly believe that in looks and nature no other breed comes close to that of the Friesian!


The easiest way for me to explain why I fell in love with this breed and why I want to promote the Friesian horse, in one word is Oscar!

Oscar is my Friesian stallion and the reason why I fell in love with this wonderful breed. Before buying him I had only admired Friesians for their outstanding beauty and movement to match. Now I admire them for their amazingly gentle temperament, ability to learn and their eagerness to please. They are my idea of absolute perfection in a horse!


I aim to have a varied selection of good quality Friesian horses for sale at all times, from youngsters to well established riding and driving horses, happy hackers and family friends.  I have a personal interest in dressage and so train my horses with dressage in mind. If we do not have exactly what you are looking for then we offer our help to find the perfect Friesian for you, whether that is a happy hacker, a dressage horse, a Friesian for driving or even just a big pet!

If you have any questions regarding purchasing a Friesian I am happy to help.

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